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Patients as Research Collaborators

"I came for the science and I stayed for the patients." That's how Dr. Jeremy Schmahmann sums up his passion for caring for people with neurological disorders, including spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA).

As founding director of the Ataxia Center at Massachusetts General Hospital, he can say with authority that this is an exciting time in cerebellar neurology due to a deeper understanding of the role the cerebellum plays in regulating emotion in addition to movement. But there is still much to learn, and he sees SCA patients including Janetta — a retired school teacher battling SCA 6 — as partners in that quest.

In this captivating episode of Behind the Research, Janetta and Dr. Schmahmann discuss the clinical trial in which they are involved that is looking into a drug developed by Biohaven Pharmaceuticals, the challenges of this vexing disease and the bond they've developed over the years as they've worked together to find ways to secure the best quality of life possible for her and other SCA patients.

Listen to the podcast:

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